Patan Tour in Nepal (Photo)

Nepal Tour

Nepal tour in arts of city, Patan, Lalitpur, the word Lalitpur consist of two words, ‘Lalit’ and ‘Pur’ which means ‘Arts’ and ‘City’ respectively. It is a city of arts, beauty and grace and is planned on a circular format with Buddhist Stupa at each of the four points of the compass. The city is three kilometers south-east of Kathmandu across the southern bank of the river Bagmati. Like Kathmandu, its most photogenic center of attraction is its Durbar Square complex. The city is full of Buddhist monuments and Hindu temples, different guardian deities and wonderful carvings. This city is popular for craftsmanship.

Stupa in Patan
Stupa in Patan
Kumbheswor Temple, Patan
Kumbheswor Temple



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