Patan and Kirtipur Day Tour

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Patan World Heritage Site

Patan is merely 5 km away from the capital city, Kathmandu. Patan is a city of 55 major temples, 136 Buddhist monasteries, fine metal works, and countless festivals.

Lalitpur, the word Lalitpur consists of two words, ‘Lalit’ and ‘Pur’ which means ‘Arts’ and ‘City’ respectively. It is a city of arts, beauty and grace and is planned on a circular format with Buddhist Stupa at each of the four points of the compass. Like Kathmandu, its most photogenic center of attraction is its Durbar Square complex. The city is full of Buddhist monuments and Hindu temples, different guardian deities and wonderful carvings. This city is popular for craftsmanship.

Kumbheswor Temple, Patan
Kumbheswor Temple, Patan


Kirtipur tour is an authentic experience of the Newari culture and history of the Kathmandu Valley. Kirtipur is situated on a ridge 8 km southwest of Kathmandu. The ancient Newar township – with its brick-paved streets lined with typical red brick houses and tiled roofs, and temple squares – is a natural fortress. The Chilanchu Stupa and the temple of Bagh Bhairav are major attractions here. Tribhuvan University is located at the foothills of Kirtpur.

Kirtipur Day Tour
Kirtipur Day Tour





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