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Everest climbing season begins (Video)

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April 15, 2017- Everest climbing season for 2017 has started. Hundreds of climbers are arriving in Everest base camp with dreams of ascending Mt Everest. This few weeks on Everest trekking trail has been busy.

Everest base camp

Ministry of Tourism, Nepal has already issued 365 permits for Everest by 39 teams from different nationalities. Some Everest climbers are using their 2015 permits that were extended due to the earthquake.

Nepali workers have been there in base camp for a couple of weeks establishing the campsites that will be home for the next two months. The Icefall Doctors are also already onsite and have been busy building the route through the Khumbu Icefall. They’ll stay until the last climber is off the mountain, maintaining and repair that route late into May or even early June.

Everest base camp
Everest base camp

It might be another interesting year, with potentially new record sets on Everest. Malaysia’s oldest mountaineer James Lee Chong Meng, 69, is on the way to base camp for his second attempt to climb Mount Everest. Last year, Lee descended from Camp III at 7,200 meters height due to bad weather.

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