China announces Nepal Tourism Year 2017

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Jan 25, 2017 – China has announced Nepal Tourism Year 2017 to encourage Chinese people to visit Nepal. The promotion year will help Nepal’s tourism market to revive that has been affected by the earthquake. Rise in Chinese arrivals would enhance the possibility of greater Chinese investment in Nepal’s tourism industry.

The numbers of Chinese visitor were decreased after the massive earthquake in 2015. Chinese 123,804 people visited Nepal in 2014. The arrivals from China decreased to 66,984 individuals in 2015, down 45.89 percent from the 2014. Despite the drop in arrivals, China remains Nepal’s second largest source of tourists.

Nepal-China Tatopani boarder is blocked due to earthquake.  So the inconvenient flight schedules and expensive airfares had resulted in the number of Chinese travelers dropping sharply last year from 2014. On December 25, 2015, Nepal announced free visa for Chinese tourists, giving them the same treatment as to SAARC visitors to rise up arrivals.

Millions of Chinese vacationers move to foreign destinations to visit abroad, has been the world’s largest outbound tourism market since 2012. According to the China Tourism Research Institute, China had 120 million outbound visitors in 2015 and they spent $104.5 billion, recording increases of 12 percent and 16.7 percent from 2014.



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