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Hi! I am Rai, a professional Nepalese Trekking and Tour Guide - energetic, smart, hard working and honest. I was born in a remote mountain village in the Everest region of Nepal and grew up learning all about our mountain and culture. My passion is sharing my knowledge and experience with visitors to Nepal.

As an authorized professional Trekking and Tour Guide with over 10 years of experience and deep local knowledge, I have the ability to show you some of the best that Nepal has to offer.

I can provide excellent guide service in the Himalayas, including Everest, Annapurna and Langtang. I can help you plan a trek that best meets your interest in mountain scenery, difficulty, culture and nature. If your interest is in the cultural sites, temples, and monuments of Nepal, I can take you to many of our great cultural sites and help you understand their history, context and meaning. Nepalese culture is ancient and ... Read More

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Himalayan Buddhism

Himalayan Buddhism refers to Buddhist practice spread through out Himalayan range starting from Ladakh to Bhutan. The history of Himalayan Buddhism dates back to the activities of Guru Padmasambhava popularly known as Guru Rinpoche. So, Guru Rinpoche is the root of Himalayan Buddhism per say. Four major schools–Nyingma, Kagyu, Shakya, and Gelug– have been shaping its history with different lineages. After Guru Rinpoche, two other father figures like Atisa Dipankar and Maha Yogi Milareapa are equally venerated in this region. Samye is the first monastery ever built in Tibet with the guidelines of Guru Rinpoche which is under construction with the guidelines of His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. Himalayan Buddhism aims to preserve cultural practices in Trans- Himalayan range without having any political prejudice. Continue reading Himalayan Buddhism

Tantrism in Nepal

Ashakiji Vajracharya

The history of tantrism in Nepal is very old. Tantrism was very strong and popular in Nepal. A great deal of Nepal ‘s art, in paintings and sculptures and wood –crafts, has been inspired by tantrism. Creation of many armed and many-headed deities and other symbolic manifestations owe their origin to tantric thought and principle. It is said that tantrism was introduced into Nepal as early as the 7 th century at the time when Vajrayana Buddhism was also introduced. Continue reading Tantrism in Nepal

Tourist arrival increased by 35 per cent in Everest region

Solukhumbu: The number of tourists visiting the Mount Everest region has risen by 35.79 per cent in 2017 as compared to 2016.

Overall 37097 tourists visited the Everest region in 2016 while the number was recorded at 50,377 in 2017, informed Sagarmatha National Park check post, Jorsalle. The number of tourists visiting the region exceeds the previous year by 13,280. Continue reading Tourist arrival increased by 35 per cent in Everest region

Visit Ilam: Tea Estate in Nepal

Ilam is a small hilly town with pristine landscape of sloped tea gardens, thick natural forests, holy sites and unique culture. Ilam offers an excellent gateway from city life for romantic sunrise and sunset, a brisk walk in the tea garden, tranquil picnic and sightseeing spots, short treks along gentle slopes or a trudge into the nearby woods. If spiritual instinct calls there are several holy sites one can visit in and around the area. Continue reading Visit Ilam: Tea Estate in Nepal

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